Multi-Purpose cleaner

  • High cleaning power
  • Strong decriminalization
  • Removes greasy and sticky stains
  • Disinfects surfaces and kills germs
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Brightening surfaces
  • With a pleasant aroma and long lasting effect
  • Non-toxic
  • Skin compatible

To be used after basic cleaning to disinfect all hard floors and surfaces. e.g. treatment rooms, common areas, toilets, showers, swimming pool surrounds, sports equipment, , air conditioning filters, external furniture, all fabrics, kitchens, bathrooms, gyms and  reception desks.


24 PCS 250ML Box / 12 PCS 500ML Box

Minimum order

3000 Box / 1500 Box

Waterless Car Wash
Waterless Car wash
Sanitizer Wipes Pad
Hand and Surface Sanitizer Wipes
Hand And Surface Sanitizer
Hand and Surface Sanitizer
Auto Dashboard Cleaner
Auto Dashboard Cleaner
OLED/LED/LCD And All Types Display Cleaner
OLED/LED/LCD and all types Display Cleaner
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